Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wow it's been a while

Wow, it's been a while. A long while actually. I've been busy traveling and doing research and actually concentrating on being a graduate student, but alas I've been given a bit of my respite when it comes to research. From what I've seen, I have to give some shout outs.

1) SonBinh Nguyen from Northwestern University -
Yes, I know I put your former student Chris Graves. I heard from some sources that you introduced him for an award he won (congrats btw to Chris!) and mentioned sexy science. I am definitely honored by the props from Prof. Nguyen.

2) Phil Baran from Scripps -
Yes, we all know about my crush on Prof. Baran. Looking him up on google, I'm third listed on mentioning him, which I find absolutely hilarious. HILARIOUS even.

3) Jorge Cham of -
Your comics are simply adorable, and hence once I get an actual picture, you will be posted on sexy science. This is just a thanks and for all the readers who have emailed me, trust me. I'm writing one. It should be out in a few minutes ;)


Mitch Andre said...

Welcome back from the abyss. :)


the science diva said...

Thanks! It's been a while, it's good to be back. Now I have something else to do other than calculations and reactions :P