Sunday, October 01, 2006

profile 9: dr. stephen o'brien

this is a man after my own heart. he's an inorganic solid state chemist (which is what i'm trying to be, funnily enough) and so yes..he's definitely on my list of possible post doc spots. sorry it's been a while since my last profile but i was actually productive in the summer and now i have time to look around at the hot men and women of science! hope i still have my readers out there cause i'm back in business baby and profiles will be up weekly now (instead of almost daily cause that was really hard).

now for the good stuff. our handsome doctor is BRITISH..yes..BRITISH. *waiting to expect female swoons out there* i'm sure he has a really really sexy accent cause that's like a British thing afterall. he's an oxfordian (balliol college to be exact) which is rather amusing to me cause his advisor is whom i wanted to work for in my rhodes scholar application. what a coincidence!

there is the man himself..he's so the three S's that are required for this site. he has that's so..British. he's so British...gah..i'm melting, i love it and i hope you do too, cause well, he's like a james bond of mat sci. maybe he's Q like, i dont know, but he was one of the first people recommended to me when i started receiving you know who you are, and i love you for recommending him. he's soooooo dreamily British.

His work is on the synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials. His website is detailed and extensive, so i'm just going to post a linkage here. Dr. O'Brien's HOTNESS and website


now for his hotness rating...i'm going to try for an experiment here..cause i'm a scientist myself and like to try new things, therefore, i'm letting you all decide what his hotness rating is. me personally..i vote for habanero (aka phil baran and a few others) cause he's that yummy. away!!!