Thursday, December 11, 2008

the women of science: set 1

so i was looking through various emails, and i got a lot of potential future babes of science. i have to say girl power. i cant really objectify these women, but these women are to be admired for their pursuit of higher education and in science. girls, you have to look up to these women. they're strong, confident and beautiful. good job girlies!

so guys, you can objectify them if you want, but i honestly cant. i know, double standard, but hey, at least i'm giving you guys something. these are from nominations i've received via email.

the babes of northwestern university
1) allison harney of the meade group

2) renee cilliers of the meade group

3) lindsay karfield of the meade group

4) roxanne atienza of the scheidt group

5) erika crane of the scheidt group

there we go. i hope all of these women become professors. we have three biochemists and two organic chemists. these are both difficult fields. a mixture of undergrads and grad students nominated these beautiful, strong women. you all definitely had an influence on your students. good job and keep up the great work!


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2) renee cilliers of the meade group is the best looking.

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