Friday, April 21, 2006

an introduction

Hello and welcome to Sexy Science!

While I was an undergraduate chemistry major, my girlfriends and I would often check out guys, like most young college kids would do in their spare time or while we were people watching. One of my friends pointed out that most of these attractive people would end up being in the business school or liberal arts, though I must admit there was quite a good number in the college of engineering. One thing that was sorely lacking were those guys in the sciences. As such, I am on a quest to look for sexy scientists (biologists, chemists, physicists, computer scientists and perhaps a few engineers) and to profile their hotness and their work. I'm going to be looking particularly for professors (assistant/associate/full) and graduate students. My friends and I will look around to see who and what we can find and then a profile of their experimental or perhaps theoretical work will be posted because we all know that what makes a scientist sexy is not their looks but the science they perform.

This was all brought up due to a blog that I regularly read (dylan's tenderbutton) in which he was takling about one of the first professors that we will have here. So..hope you enjoy and if you think you've got what it takes to be profiled or if you know someone we should profile, feel free to send an email my way.

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