Saturday, April 22, 2006

gotta catch 'em all: grad profile set 1

I thought I would put this post as a little bonus. In my search for hot professors, I've come along some hot grad students actually and I'm very pleasantly surprised. It makes me want to reconsider where I am for grad schol, if only for a nanosecond, but yeah. These people might become future faculty and therefore receive future full profiles but only time will tell.

So, without further ado I'd like to introduce the first set of sexy grad students! (Let the corny chippendale music go on; Keep in mind that there is no real ranking's all random..I think you're all hot)

1)Matthew Beaver of the Woerpel Group at UC-Irvine

Okay, I'll admit, he plays the guitar. Guitar players = hotness and I'd let him serenade me anytime. He's a first year grad student, works on organic synthesis and is hot.

2) Regan Jones of the Krische Group at University of Texas at Austin

He's pretty cute! Another organic chemist ( chemists are sexy) who works on methodology at the Krische Group. Here's his bio from the Krische group: "Regan was born in Woodland, Washington in 1981. He obtained his BA in chemistry from Occidental College. While at Occidental College, Regan did three years of undergraduate research with Dr. Donald Deardorff involving the synthesis of enantiopure fluoxetine. Currenty, Regan is investigating new methodology involving catalytic 4+3 cycloadditions. "

3) Jason Brubaker of the Myers Group at Harvard University

Look at that. He's buff, he's sexy, and he's a Harvard organic chem grad student. I think my mom would love for me to meet him. *sigh*

4) Jeremy Wulff of the Myers Group at Harvard University

Two hotties in one lab group?! Goodness, I think Myers Group is on a list for possible postdoctoral positions now, especially since this one is hot too. And he's doing chemistry right now! *swoon*

5) Christopher Graves of the Nguyen Group at Northwestern University

He's a hottie through and through. He's Canadian, also an organic chemist (noticing a trend here, ladies?). I think he's trying to go for a badboy look (notice the earrings) and I must say I do like the eyes. I'm a sucker for the eyes.

Well, ladies and gents I hope you've enjoyed this first installment of gotta catch 'em all: sexy grad students. If you know a sexy grad student, or if you think you're a sexy grad student, feel free to contact me and you just might be put up here for all to drool over!


L said...

hubba hubba!

coturnix said...

You need to find a male co-blogger to cover the other sex! I linked to you...

fizz said...

Unfortunatly chris' picture is very deceving. He is the biggest douchebag I know, and considering I work with all chemist I can name quite a few.

Coco said...
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Coco said...
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earthx said...
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earthx said...

Matt's pic just got OMGWTFPWN3D

kt9283 said...

You know Matt Beaver in person, don't you?

Kelly said...

Hotties! how do i subscribe to your blog?

John said...

Is there a similar blog to this for grad students of other fields??? I can think of a number of grad students at my school in other fields that are pretty hot! However, I think the premise behind this website is correct - science grad students are hot!!

National said...

Its true about not having a mail co-blogger!

BTW if we send you some Amazon vouchers would you link to a "mad scientists outfits" page that we are making?