Friday, April 21, 2006

an interlude

Since I've started this blog early today since I was bored in lab, I didnt expect my girlfriends to spread it to the rest of the grad students in the department to where I'm getting lots of suggestions to do this person or that person or whatever. It's pretty neat that it caught on so quickly considering this was all an inside joke in the beginning. So, before I continue with the next profiles that will be posted, I'd like to address a few comments/concerns/suggestions that I've gotten as of recently.

1) No, I didnt realize that the pepper ratings were phallic at all. Seriously, I was just thinking in terms of hotness and the size of the pepper surely has no bearing on the endowment of the individual (at least as far as I'm concerned).

2) Yes, even with this news that pepper ratings are phallic I will still keep them the way they are; it's best that way.

3) Okay, I've gotten LOTS of requests saying, "What about women professors?" Well, I dont know if I could adequately post a hotness rating on them so I'm soliciting guest bloggers to handle women on this site.

As such, I'm willing to accept more comments/suggestions/criticisms through my email (posted on my profile) or through AIM (my screen name is The Science Diva). Cheers and may the blogging continue!

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